Mario Capizzani


Mario is an associate professor of Business Management at IESE and academic director of the PDD. His experience in logistics begins from his doctoral thesis by the University of Berkeley titled: “Do Auctioneers matter in determining auction outcomes?”. He has worked in the areas of digital commerce, strategy, currently teaches Executive Education courses at IESE and has developed consultancy projects at Nestle.

Mario has published articles and works on research projects in academic engineering journals, with publishers such as IESE. He has also worked as a lecturer at IESE, as well as collaborating in the development of business cases, has been marketing instructor (IESE and UC Berkeley, Haas School of Berkeley) and process engineer (Donnelly Corporation). Several of his projects include articles with marketing cases and scientific research done in collaboration with institutes such as IESE and the University of Maryland.

Capizzani currently develops in the areas of pricing strategy, Sales Force Management, marketing strategy and commercial planning and execution.