What is Vertebrar?

Is an international consultant founded by four doctors of operations areas and two professionals who have developed their careers in the areas of operations of multinational companies.
Vertebrar bases its energy on a team of young professionals and visionary experts.

How does the youth of Vertebrar integrate with their experience?

We are based on values: love for work well done, which as a consequence, is creative.

Does Vertebrar have its own methodologies?

Vertebrar has developed and creates its own methodologies based on the experience of its members in first level consulting in leading companies and practical experience in concrete operations.

What are the values ​​of Vertebrar?

Vertebra does not do anything new in relation to values ​​(virtues). We believe in work well done, done with perfection, incorporating the best of the intellectual development of the world in all the disciplines that are linked to it. The efficiency and the versatility arise from our experience and habitual work. We deal with people, we are passionate about treating people, that is why each Vertebrar project is customized to its environments (in the country in question).
We seek that all our “partners”, which includes newly incorporated young people and our veteran experts, develop personally and professionally to their maximum potential.

Why is Vertebrar international?

VVertebrar usually operates in the US, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Its founders come from these countries. But also the dynamics of our projects forces us to be international and global.

What services does Vertebrar offer?

Vertebrar focuses on seven operational areas: Supply Chain, Procurement, World Class Manufacturing, Service Companies and Services to companies of physical products, process reengineering, Asset Management and Innovation.

What does Vertebrar mean?

Vertebrar, as its name indicates, arises from vertebra. To structure, agglomerate, group, organize, as the RAE dictionary indicates, is to give coherence to a myriad of decisions, conceptual frameworks, “dialogues” (which ultimately define an operation). We help organizations to generate flows of information, structure and physical movements, which materialize in results. To create is to give harmony and logic. In that broad sense we are facilitators of the creation of products and services.

Does it have any distinctive Vertebrar characteristics with respect to other consultants?

Having been founded by four doctors, its scientific rigor probably stands out. We are not a company that is dedicated to making publications. But we publish because it comes to us spontaneously. Our creative process is based on our scientific rigor. At the same time, Vertebrar joint in their team years of practical experience. And finally gives room to young professionals who can give cause to all creative energy in this company with a guide of professional rigor.