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About us

We know how to do things right and we do the right things

We are an International Operations Consulting Firm, adding up decades of market experience. Based in years of success stories in the most diverse industrial and operational environments, we come together with the experience of young professionals and our directive board. Each and every project is for us a new way to reinvent our client’s operation and to reinvent ourselves.


Efficiency, Effectiveness, Versatility… this is Innovation

Vertebrar is an Integral Operations Consulting Firm. We encompass all the services for a successful execution -with your strategy- might need. We are, in the broadest sense, generators of successful solutions, opening unknown opportunities for your company.
We have developed our own methodologies, enhanced through the experience we have gathered in the main multinational corporations. Our past is translated in proven results.


Success stories

“He who possesses the most exact notions about the causes of things and is able to give perfect account of them in his teaching is wiser than all others in anything.”

– Aristotle –

More than 50 success stories

Electrical distribution latin american leader. Diagnosis of purchases and reengineering in ISA, 20% savings.

Latinamerican optical services leader. Diagnosis of the supply chain and definition of the main reengineering projects. Savings of 20% on operating costs.

Global leader automotive supplier Logistic diagnosis and reeingeneering of the planning system. Savings of 30% on operating costs.


Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas

What Martin Luther did to the Catholic church needs to be done to business gurus

(Las opiniones de este artículo no reflejan necesariamente la opinión de Vertebrar como empresa ni la de sus integrantes)


Amazon Prime Air Takes to the Skies

On Dec. 7, Amazon Prime delivered an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn by drone to a man in the English countryside. Photo: Amazon


Mobile phones are transforming Africa

Mobile phones are transforming Africa, where they can get a signal


As Trump targets Toyota over Mexico, Nissan faces bigger risk

Trump has started threatening the automotive industry... how is that affecting world economy?


Túneles, la última locura de Elon Musk

El fundador de Tesla comienza las excavaciones en Los Ángeles para evitar los atascos de tráfico


“I want to highlight, in addition to Octavio’s technical competence, his business vision and human sensitivity, since I had the opportunity to address him at different times during his time in Bimbo.”

– Javier Millán; director of Bimbo –

Octavio Carranza, cofounder and managing director of Vertebrar.


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